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  • It can be difficult to deal with a number of  different interlocutors. We will be your only point of contact in your search. We will take into our hands your complete search and deal with various contacts on your behalf.

  • We will take your specifications thoroughly and avoid unnecessary waste of time by showing you property which doesn't fit them.

  • By entrusting us your search, we will avoid any difficult situation you might encounter when dealing with a number of different contacts.

  • We'll communicate in your language : English, French, German and Greek.

  • You will save you time. We have an extensive experience, especially with foreigners looking to relocate to Greece.

  • We will accompany you to all the visits an avoid any stress situation.

  • You are our client and we represent only your interests and as such we will give a very objective view on the properties we are presenting you.

  • We work with reputable lawyers, who can take charge of all the legal requirements when moving to Greece (at extra costs).

  • NO EXTRA cost . our fees are like all agencies : 2% of the selling price plus 24% VAT


Are you looking to buy a property ?  Here is why we are your best one stop solution :

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